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Zen means (Dhyan from Sanskrit) pure consciousness or another approach, the "unborn nature".

The "unborn nature", we know as soul or spirit, has the desire for self realization through the "born nature". This means body and mind, which are our personality or our ego. Although the "ego" is part of Brahma (Sanskrit) the Whole, it cannot see from in- and outside, that we are One or the Whole, to explain THIS, words are not enough. Most of our life time we are struggling with our "born nature".

Through experiencing pure consciousness or ZEN we can fulfill our "birth right". Zen is experiencing always THIS MOMENT. Only in the NOW real life happens. Call it Suchness (Tatatha in Sanskrit), in Wonder, or simply, the Mystery of life.

When we have the longing to know the ultimate truth, glimpses of the "unborn nature" will happen more often in daily life. Zen is no attachment to any thing .

Zen means waking up from the dream stage of the Ego. The joke is, we are already that, what we are, but we forgot our "True nature". We just have to remember it again consciously through living it .

Experiencing Creativity

Did you know:

  • The arts play an important role in the lives of senior citizens, including playing a part in the healing process.
  • The arts help to motivate students who would otherwise drop out of school to stay in.
  • Students who take four years of arts in high school score 59 points higher on the verbal section and 42 points higher on the math section of the SAT tests.

Are you looking for ways to explore or expand your creativity ?

Or perhaps are you ready to dive into an ecstatic experience of creating your own art?

Do you want to find a supportive space where these energies can unfold?

Since 25 years I am an artist and Zen teacher for art (Zen is Sanskrit and means meditation) practicing in India, Russia, Europe and the US.

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