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Svargo Florian Schuller
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About Svargo Florian Schuller


Zen Painting Performance "Creativity is the expansion of Consciousness itself, then painting and dancing are equal tools of God like the simple daily activities".

Born August 1 1941 in Stralsund Germany.


  • High School Bonn/Germany 1961
  • German postal assistant training Cologne 1963
  • Art academies in Cologne, Duesseldorf/Germany and Vienna/Austria 1968-69
  • Watsonville Adult School in Watsonville California, Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) 2005

Work experience:

  • Post assistant in Bonn/Germany 1961-63
  • Teacher for Art and Creativity at the School for Creative Arts in Poona/India 1979-81.
  • Gardener and handyman in Salzburg/Austria and in Felton and the Santa Cruz area 2004-2010.
  • Traveling as an Art - and Meditation teacher in Europe, India and Australia 1969-91
  • Connected with exhibitions in federal and private galleries and art fairs in Europe, India, Russia and the Ukraine.
  • From 1991-99 teaching art and meditation in Universities, federal and private Institutes in Russia, Siberia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia and the Ukraine.
  • Cofounder of a sustainable and spiritual farming commune in Buddhi Near Carkov/Ukraine 1998.
  • Teaching art and Zen at the Osho Academy in Sedona/Arizona 1999 and at Tassajara Zen Center in Big Sur California 2002.
  • Home care providing for a friend who died on ALS 2004-05.
  • Working as a certified Nurse assistant and certified homecare provider in private care 2005
  • Teaching Zen Painting classes in the Santa Cruz Moutain Art Center, California 2010.


  • Board of Directors of the Santa Cruz Art League 1999- 2004, art teacher of I-You- venture program in the Capitola Care Center in Santa Cruz California.
  • Assisting in art classes at the San Lorenzo High School in Felton, and in the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center in Ben Lomond, California 2010.

Exhibitions and participations in Europe:

  • House of Art Klagenfurt and Vienna/Austria, Museum of the 20th Century Vienna, Gallery Basilisk Vienna,
  • Gallery des Artes Duesseldorf/Germany, International Art Fairs in Cologne, Duesseldorf and Vienna/Austria, Institute of Art Charkov/Ukraine and private galleries in Europe.

Exhibitions and Participations in California, US:

  • "Spiritual Art Exhibit" with Zen painting dance performance in Santa Cruz Art League, Wesak Art Festival, Mount Shasta Watercolor Society of Santa Cruz,
  • "Local Essence" Santa Cruz Art League, Michael Angelo Gallery Santa Cruz
  • Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, California, 2009.
  • La Madrona Club, Scotts Valley, California, 2010
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center, California, 2010

Workshops, Lectures, Classes and Performances in California, US:

  • New Dimensions Healing Arts Felton, classes in blind painting, painting in nature and Zen painting sessions (Video)
  • "Art and Meditation" lecture series in the Art league Santa Cruz and Thunderbird bookstore Carmel,
  • "The Art of Zen"lecture and performance in Gateway bookstore Santa Cruz/CA.
  • "Painting with No Mind"workshop in Tassajara Zen Center in Big Sur,
  • "No mind painting" and "Butoh dance" classes in Umi Foundation, Aptos,
  • "Zen painting" performance in Michael Angelo Gallery Santa Cruz (Video)
  • Teaching Zen Painting classes at the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center CA 2010
  • Zen Painting Performance in Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, CA 2009

Art work displays:

  • Federal Department of Education and Art Austria
  • International Graphic Collection Albertina Vienna/Austria, Technical Museum Vienna,
  • Department of Culture in Vienna
  • Linz and Klagenfurt/Austria
  • Private collections all over the world


  • He received several grants from the Austrian Federal Department of Education and Arts.


  • He illustrated books of Osho "Gold Nuggets" in English and Japanese
  • A poem book of Umi "The River and the Raven".

International Seminars and Workshops:

  • About Zen "let Meditation be your Art" In Institutes, Universities and Schools in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg/Austria, Poona/India, Fremantle/Australia, Riga/Latvia, Vilnius/Lithuania, Minsk/White Russia, St.Petersburg, Moscov/Russia, Jekaterinburg Magnetogorsk, Krasnojarsk/Siberia, Tbilisi/Georgia, Kiev, Odessa, Charkov and Donezk/Ukraine.
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