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Svargo Florian Schuller
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During the 30 years since I left the high school, to my chagrin, I have not used a brush. Finally, through the deep process, that happened to me in Svargo,s workshop, I,m again in touch with the creative flow that unfolds through watercolor painting.
Clementine F. LAc, Germany

I have a curious relationship with spirit. There is certainly much for me to learn. Your workshop provided an avenue for me to connect deeply and to sustain this connection through the meditation practices you shared. They have become an integral part of my daily life.
Russ V. Ph.D. Head Coach California

After my heart chakra has been opened, I feel it was just the thing which was happening to me on the last day of your seminar. Miracles are taking place in my environment and my self.
Irena E. group facilitator Ukraine

My experience with many meditation techniques, water color painting included, over the past six months has been An aspect of my life for which I have been searching- evolving the soul, attaining a serenity, finding a deep sense of peace from my own center.
Carolyne V. housewife California

Svargo, I loved the No Mind Art, and have been doing more No Mind paintings in the evening here at home. I tremendously enjoy it and some of them have turned out to be amazing. I wanted you to know that I am developing an online Aha! Art Gallery of my paintings, and now plan to include some of these new ones, just for fun! So thank you.
Anupama Deanne K. Ph.D education, California